Renaissance Reads Literary Magazine Promo Services

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1. Publishing Pro Listing – $20

Are you an editor, publisher, book cover designer, or any other literary professional looking to expand your reach and connect with industry specialists? Our Publishing Pro Listing is the perfect platform for you. For just $20, you can:

Include your Name and Business Name: Establish your presence and reputation in the literary world.
Share Contact Information: Make it easy for potential clients and collaborators to reach out to you.
Become a Valuable Resource: Offer your expertise and services to those seeking industry specialists.

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2. Author Spotlight – $20

Calling all authors! Make your mark in the literary world with our Author Spotlight. For only $20, you can captivate readers with an immersive experience that brings your writing to life. Your Author Spotlight includes:

Biography: Share your unique journey and background with our readers.
Photo: Put a face to your name and connect with your audience on a personal level.
Insightful Interview: Give readers a glimpse into your creative process and inspiration.
Up to Four Enticing Book Cover Images: Showcase your literary works and entice readers to explore your books.

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3. Publishing Pro Spotlight – $20

Are you a visionary CEO in the publishing industry, or do you hold a key role in literary production? Our Publishing Pro Spotlight is designed for you. For just $20, you can:

Feature Up to Ten Enchanting Book Covers or 4 Square Images: Display your portfolio and creative achievements.
Share Insights: Provide valuable insights about your role in the literary world.
Include Your Photo: Make a personal connection with potential clients and collaborators.
Essential Contact Information: Ensure that those who are interested can reach out to you easily.

Become an invaluable resource for aspiring authors and industry professionals alike. Elevate your profile with a Publishing Pro Spotlight today!

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