to neverlasting by Landon Cheek


Sharing their debut poetry book, author Landon Cheek releases a book of poetry and love and it’s the beginning of their very promising future in writing. “to neverlasting” is a poetic story of two lovers, it’s a journey of regrets and acceptance taken on by an 18-year-old with their fresh wounds of heartache towards someone who they thought they could trust.

In this book, Landon teaches their readers about loving, getting hurt, and healing and how it’s not a straight path, but a constant progression and battle with themselves. ‘to neverlasting’ is a book about growth, love, and self-discovery. It is a book about grief and healing. It’s a story about a young person who took a chance only to be met with disappointment.

‘to neverlasting’ is the story of every person who has ever lost pieces of their heart and themselves in others and desires to find hope after letting go.