Submission guidelines

By adhering to our guidelines of no explicit content, profanity, or violence, creators have the opportunity to showcase their talent and creativity while contributing to the rich literary and artistic tapestry of our website and later magazine. We look forward to receiving your submissions!


Renaissance Reads Literary Magazine is now accepting submissions as they come. Our focus for 2023/2024 is build up our readership, thus giving authors and artists the opportunity to say what they desire to say and share it here with us when they are ready. 


Please note that while we welcome submissions from all writers and artists, not all submissions will be accepted for publication in our literary magazine. To increase your chances of acceptance, we encourage you to carefully review and follow our submission guidelines. 

Content Submissions

Unpublished works of:

Short Stories: Immerse readers in captivating worlds and unforgettable characters with your short stories. Whether it’s exploring the depths of human emotions, unraveling mysterious narratives, or showcasing imaginative realms, we welcome submissions of up to 2,000 words in all genres, as long as they adhere to our guidelines of no profanity or explicit content.

Poems: Unleash your creativity and weave words into mesmerizing verses. From heartfelt emotions to profound reflections, our poetry section is open to a myriad of themes and styles. Share your evocative poems, no longer than 2,000 words, embracing the power of language and imagery to evoke emotions and inspire readers.

Opinions/Articles: Dive into the world of literature and history through thought-provoking articles and opinions. Whether you have insights on literary trends, historical events, or cultural influences, we invite submissions of at least 300 words that enlighten and engage readers, while adhering to our guidelines of respectful discourse and adherence to our content guidelines.

Artwork: We invite talented artists to bring the essence of the 1940s to life through visually captivating artwork. Share your pleasant illustrations, paintings, photography, film, collage, comic strip, or mixed media art, embracing the historical era, and exploring themes beyond violence. Let your imagination roam and showcase the beauty and nostalgia of that era through your art. 100% human generate art and art created with A.I. assistance is welcome. 

Ink Tales:

We believe that every tattoo carries a story worth sharing. We invite you to share your own ink tales. Tattoos mark moments, memories, and milestones, and we want to hear about the significance behind your ink. Send us your tattoo photos and stories, celebrating the artistry and the narratives that adorn your skin. Through “Ink Tales,” we’re committed to celebrating the art and stories that tattoos bring to life. We believe in the power of self-expression, but we also prioritize respect and the celebration of the human form. We invite you to share your ink stories, but please note that we do not endorse or promote explicit content. Our focus is on the beauty of art and personal narratives, not sensationalism.

Success Story: 

This section invites writers to share their remarkable journeys through the realm of words. In under 2,000 words, tell us about your path as an author, publisher, or publishing professional. Share the inception of your writing passion, the struggles that shaped your craft, and the pivotal moments that propelled you forward. Describe your experiences with rejection, the turning points that led to acceptance, and the sheer joy of holding your published work.



  • We will not tolerate any work that promotes harmful stereotypes and perspectives including: racism, prejudice, bigotry, misogyny, homophobia, transphobia, islamophobia, xenophobia, anti semitism, and ableism.
  • We also request that you refrain from sending us any sexually explicit pieces, works highlighting extreme violence, or instagram poems. 
  • We respect all religions/spiritual practices. We will not tolerate pieces that put down one to glorify another.
  • We will not tolerate any work that promotes or mentions abuse of children or adults no matter what the purpose/mission of the content is to the writer.  


We ask for exclusive first worldwide print and electronic rights for up to three months from the date of publication and non-exclusive rights to include published works in our archive indefinitely. We would like to be the first to publish your submission. After three months, you are free to redistribute it. It will be a part our collection forever. 

Accepted Submissions

Accepted submissions will receive: 

  • social media press
  • a chance to published in our literary magazine after we reach our milestone of 10K

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